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Age of Mythology (or AoM) is a mythical real-time-strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios as a spin-off from the Age of Empires series. This time, gods will play along with the mortals, providing unique units, new strategic options, new graphics, and an extended immersive campaign.


Arkantos is a general of Atlantis who travels through different territories in order to find the Cyclops, who, helped by Poseidon, wants to destroy his island. The challenge will lead him to meet different mythical characters from the Greek, Egyptian, and Nordic civilizations. Will you be able to prevent the release of Cronos, save Atlantis, and gain ultimate power?


  • Advance through ages: Travel through the different ages from the Archaic Age, the Classical Age, the Heroic Age, and the final Mythic Age. The more you advance, the more new units, structures, and technologies you unlock, making you always more powerful.
  • Manage your resources: Resource management and timing are keys in Age of Mythology as you need them to train units, construct buildings and research technologies, or any other action. This time, you will have to manage food, wood, gold, and favor (the gods will grant the latter and allow the creation of buildings with much more powerful mystical characteristics). So, hone your skills, manage your units carefully to gather all the different resources, and ensure you never run out of them attack after attack.
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  • Buildings: Your buildings and structures are divided into three distinct categories, including defensive, economic, and military, that allow you to improve your different technologies, get more resources and units, or ensure your back is covered. Defensive buildings are structures like walls and towers, vital to expanding your power and protecting your kingdom. Economic buildings include your precious Town Center (which trains civilian units) and the farm, market, or port. Finally, military buildings are dedicated to training units.
  • Units: Simply put, your units can be divided into seven categories: archers, cavalry, infantry (human units), siege weapons, ships, heroes, and myth units. The rock-paper-scissors dilemma applies here, meaning archers are best against infantry, infantry are best against cavalry, and cavalry are best against archers. The same logic applies to the different types of warships (arrow ships, siege ships, and hammer ships). Regarding heroes and myth units, heroes are very effective against myth units, while myth units are devastating against humans. Finally, siege units are good at destroying buildings.
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  • Choose your culture: You can choose from three different cultures, including the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Norse, each featuring three principal divinities such as Odin, Zeus, or Ra. Moreover, whenever you advance to the next age, you choose a minor god, granting you access to unique technologies, myth units, and a mighty god power.
  • Revamped scenario editor: The whole scenario editor has been improved. For example, it allows standard unit placement facilities, units to be overlapped, and large mountains or steep terrain to be facilitated. Besides, triggers, cinematics, and other special effects are included.

Graphics and sound

Both graphics and sound (composed by Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan) have been praised by critics as they offer a very polished and original experience. All the textures have been improved, the lighting is more vibrant, and the brand-new 3D engine makes the whole mix more immersive.

Duration and game modes

Age of Mythology features both single-player and multiplayer game modes. If you focus on the single-player campaign, you will get around 16-20 hours of epic gameplay. Honing your skills and challenging your friends or other players in multiplayer game modes makes the game virtually beyond the reach of time.

Single-player game mode

  • Campaign: The game focuses on a single campaign named Fall of the Trident, composed of 32 scenarios (indeed, it is much longer than the different campaign modes in the previous titles).

Multiplayer main game modes

  • Supremacy: This is the standard mode, which includes a randomly generated map with all gameplay aspects.
  • Conquest: It is like Supremacy, but victory is yours only by defeating all other players. 
  • Deathmatch: Still similar to Supremacy, but you begin the game with lots of resources.
  • Lightning:  Like Supremacy, but the game plays at double speed.

Multiplayer semi game modes

The following modes are only playable by choosing a specific random map:

  • Nomad: You start with one civilian unit and no Town Center. As a nomad, you must set up a settlement before continuing.
  • King of the Hill: Fight for control of a Plenty Vault at the center of the map for a set period of time.
  • Sudden Death: Every time a player's Town Center is destroyed, the player has a limited period of time to rebuild it before the game is over.

What do the reviews say?

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Age of Mythology has a Metacritic score of 89/100, which is quite good. In fact, the game is excellent as the user score reflects it and remains a pillar in the series.

"Combining a great storyline, great gameplay, great graphics and an enjoyable multiplayer experience, Age of Mythology is guaranteed to delight RTS fans everywhere." (Game Over Online)

Age rating


Age of Mythology is rated PEGI 12 as it contains violence. Also, the game may be slightly complicated for a young audience.

How many civilizations are there in Age of Mythology?

There are three distinct civilizations: Greek, Egyptian, and Nordic.

What year did Age of Mythology come out?

Age of Mythology came out on October 31, 2002.

How do you enter cheats in Age of Mythology?

  1. To do so, press the Enter key during the game to open the console.
  2. Then, enter the cheat you want to use and press Enter again.

How many levels are there in Age of Mythology?

As only one campaign mode is available, it provides a much longer series of scenarios, with a total of 32 unique scenarios.

How do you turn the camera in Age of Mythology?

This is very simple. To rotate the camera in the game, use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys.

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