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SPSS is a statistical tool used by thousands of professionals worldwide. Whether for describing the characteristics of a given population, to compare two groups or to study the correlation between two events, SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences can be the ideal tool. SPSS was acquired by IBM in 2009.

What is SPSS?

IBM SPSS is a powerful solution for research analysis in all kinds of industries, like education, healthcare, market research, government, retail, and more. It is especially useful for planning and data collection, reporting, analysis, and deployment.

What are the key features of SPSS?

  • Descriptive statistics: Compute a large number of descriptive statistics for your variables, including mean, sum, variance, standard deviation, range, standard error, skewness, and much more.
  • Statistical analysis: SPSS allows you to perform univariate, bivariate and multivariate data analysis. You can also use the tool to predict variables through regression and multiple regression.
  • Simplified data processing: The SPSS program allows you to rearrange and merge the variables in your data in many different ways.
  • Results exporting: You can export your tables or graphs to other data formats, such as Excel, Word, Stata, CSV, tab-delimited, etc.

Is SPSS free?

No, IBM SPSS is a commercial and copyrighted piece of software, meaning there is no such thing as an SPSS free download. However, by registering yourself for an IBM account, you will be able to try out the package at no cost during a 30-day period. The price for an unrestricted SPSS subscription starts at $99 USD per user per month. We also recommend that you consider this free alternative for SPSS.

Is SPSS safe?

Yes, SPSS is considered safe.

Which is better: SPSS or Excel?

SPSS is a statistical analysis software, while Excel is a spreadsheet software. Both can perform statistical analysis, but SPSS is more powerful and complex to handle. Moreover, SPSS features lots of built-in data manipulation tools like transforming variables or recoding.