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XAMPP is a tool that is used to create a cross-platform web server. It can be used by software engineers to test their developments locally before sending them to production.

What are the key features of XAMPP?

  • Test Your Developments: XAMPP makes it possible to run PHP files and MariaDB databases on your PC's browser without the need to be connected to the internet.
  • Bundled Software; XAMPP comes with many pre-installed components, each of which can be used completely cross-platform. The main languages and tools that are available in XAMPP are Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Perl, OpenSSL, phpMyAdmin, Mercury and FileZilla.
  • Support for Third-Party Apps: Thanks to a built-in installation tool, you can add a huge number of popular open-source apps from other developers to XAMPP, including WordPress, OrangeHRM, MODX, ProcessWire, Magento, SugarCRM and PrestaShop.

How to install XAMPP?

During installation, you will be asked to select the components of XAMPP to be installed. Ensure that English is selected as the preferred interface language since XAMPP is also available in German.

Is XAMPP free?

You can download XAMPP for free. XAMPP is an open-source package, meaning that its source code is publicly accessible.


Although they have almost identical names, WAMP and XAMPP are not exactly the same thing. Both tools are local development servers, but they have different structures and configurations. The main difference is that WAMP is only available for Windows, whereas XAMPP can run on Linux, macOS and Windows. If you want to give WAMP a try, you can visit our WAMP download page.

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