Digital Pictures Recovery free for PC

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Digital Picture Recovery is data recovery tool specialising in recovering lost images on hard disc and external devices. This program is powerful and easy to handle.

What are the key features of Digital Picture Recovery?

  • Getting started: the first issue to notice about this utility is its ease of use. Indeed, Digital Picture Recovery is capable of restoring data even if the disk has been formatted or damaged by a virus attack.
  • Removable devices: this program supports a large number of removable storage media. For instance, we can cite USB keys, memory cards and top brand devices like Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Konica, Casio, Nikon or Canon.
  • Supported formats: Digital Picture Recovery supports JPEG, GIF and JPG file formats.
  • Recovery process: before recovery, the utility starts a complete scan. The user selects the device to analyze and Digital Picture Recovery will do the rest. Once items are found, it is up to the user to select items and start the process.

Is it free?

It is a free demo version of the software. You can purchase the full license for $49.

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