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AudioStellar is an application designed for sound and music experimentation that can be installed on Mac, Windows or Linux. This program creates an interactive 2D map of your audio sample folder using Artificial Intelligence and allows you to play and relate the different audio samples through intuitive and creative tools.

What is AudioStellar?

AudioStellar is a musical instrument that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the sound samples you have on your computer and create a map, sorting sounds that are similar nearby and those that are different far away. Each sound is represented by a colored dot and similar sounds will be grouped with the same color. Once the map is created, the software offers a series of very intuitive tools that allow you to reproduce these sounds in creative and original ways compared to conventional samplers. In short, it is a great tool for playing sounds in an experimental way, creating loops, rhythms, and sound explosions.

What are the key features of AudioStellar?

  • Visualization: AudioStellar creates a map by analyzing audio samples from a folder you select on your computer. Those sounds that are similar will be grouped as dots of the same color. This way, the user easily understands which sounds are similar and which are not. The visual result is a 2D map similar to a sky of colored stars.
  • Tools: Once the map is created, it is possible to interact with these samples to create music and sounds. For this, the software provides a series of tools that allow us to go listening and discovering the different sounds that make up the map.
  • Connectivity: It is possible to synchronize it in parallel with other programs or devices since it receives and sends MIDI and OSC messages.
  • Compatibility: The sound samples you want to include in the map must be in WAV or MP3 format.
  • Help: In the lower left corner, you can read constant help messages and tips that can be very useful to learn how to use AudioStellar and perfect your technique.
  • Experimentation and intuition: AudioStellar is specially designed to fulfill those functions that other sound programs do not have. On the other hand, it is intuitive and it is not necessary to have any kind of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence or programming to enjoy its possibilities.
  • Effects: It is also possible to apply various effects to the sample playback. Resonate and delay, and other filters are some of the effects that expand the sound possibilities of this interesting software.
  • Community: You can ask questions and even share work with other users in a Facebook group created especially for the AudioStellar community.

Is AudioStellar free?

It is possible to download AudioStellar completely free of charge. The software is also Open Source, an important fact for those users who also know how to program and want to get involved with it.