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  • Developer ESTsoft Corp.
  • Version 8.51
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ALZip is a free software for compressing files and folders. It is able to open and unzip about 40 formats, including the new EGG format, and can create 8 different output formats after the process. Moreover, it is easy to handle.

What are the key features of ALZip?

  • File compression: ALZip's main function is to reduce the size of files so as they become lighter and then easier to email. This tool offers 8 different possible output formats including ZIP, EGG, and TAR.
  • Unzip data: ALZip app also offers the ability to open and unzip about 40 different formats. Thanks to this option, the user has no more trouble when opening email attachments. This can replace an archive editor.
  • Encryption: In order to protect data against potential piracy or unauthorized access, it is possible to encrypt your data and password-protect it. ALZip uses the AES 128 bits algorithm and the AES 256 bits for stronger protection.
  • Restore: ALZip is able to check for errors in compressed files and to restore corrupted data.

How does ALZip work?

ALZip is quite easy to use. You just need to launch the program and choose the folder you’d like to extract, the app will then do everything. For compression, click on Compress and choose the documents. The menu is located on top of the interface and is very user-friendly, so don’t worry, you will intuitively get used to the program.

Is ALZip free?

It is downloadable for free.

Is ALZip safe?

ALZip is safe since all your data is encrypted and protected via AES 128 bits and AES 256 bits algorithm.

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