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Downloading a video from the internet may sometimes take time and cause errors to occur. To fix the bugs, it is important to use an Xvid Video Codec program that is able to compress videos before downloading and decompress after it to speed up the process and reduce the bandwidth.

What is XviD video codec?

XviD is a video codec library following the MPEG-4 video coding standard, and more specifically, MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP). Required to compress and decompress video files, it is a free competitor of the DivX Pro Codec and can be used on all platforms and operating systems.

What are the key features of XviD?

  • Video compression: the software offers the possibility to compress video before downloading it. This is useful if the user wants to download large videos like movies, lives, and some clips. Indeed, the bandwidth is reduced during the transmission through the network.
  • Decompression: After compressing and downloading the video, the user needs to decompress it. There is no need to get another software for that because Xvid Video Codec has this feature. That process will not have an impact on the quality of the video.
  • Compatibility: It is specialized in encoding MPEG-4 video but apart from the feature mentioned above, this utility is also capable of encoding ASP, SP, and AVC videos. That makes it even more practical.
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Is XviD video codec free?

Yes, Xvid is an open-source project, and it is completely free of charge.

Is XviD video codec safe?

Yes, you can use it safely.

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