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Image files, once scattering in huge number on the computer system can clutter and slow it down. JPEG Compressor has been designed to let users compress JPEG files (this format being one of the most used in graphics).

What are the key features of JPEG Compressor?

  • Compressor: once the app installed on your computer system, you are allowed to start compressing JPEG files. Batch processing is feasible to speed up the process. JPEG Compressor also lets users resize image files in pixels, inches, kBytes. It can compress files without any loss of quality.

  • Image editor: JPEG Compressor features options to edit pictures such as cropping, removing red eyes, adding watermarks, changing levels, and many other tools. For all actions, the image quality is entirely kept.

  • Image converter: this is making JPEG Compressor quite different. Over and above these features mentioned above, this app is also capable of converting one image file format into another. Indeed, it can convert GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP images into JPG format.

  • Other features: in addition to these features, JPEG Compressor is also featured with command-line processing ability and multi-document interface. The latter lets users work with many images simultaneously.

How much does it cost?

The free version has slightly limited functionality. The purchase of the Advanced version is required to get the completely functional product. You can purchase the advanced version here for $35.

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