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WinZip is one of the market's most popular programs for compressing and decompressing files. Powered by various finely optimized algorithms, it can significantly reduce the size of large files and store them in a single piece of data. As a result, WinZip is the most straightforward and complete tool in its category.

What is WinZip?

WinZip is the world's leading file compression software, allowing users to quickly and easily compress and decompress files for secure storage and sharing. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, WinZip makes it easy to create, open, and manage compressed files and encrypt and share them securely. So whether you're a home user or a business professional, WinZip is the perfect tool for compressing and protecting your files.

What are the key features of WinZip?

  • Save space and time: Compressing files and folders is an excellent way to save space without sacrificing content quality. In addition, WinZip has been specifically optimized to perform compressions operations rapidly.
  • Protection: Your personal data and sensitive information are securely stored and encrypted if you set up a password. This additional layer of security is a great advantage to protect your privacy.
  • Efficient photo compression: WinZip allows you to quickly and efficiently compress images in various formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.).
  • MP3 compression: You can keep more music in the cloud or on your phone thanks to the efficient MP3 compression algorithm (compressing 15%-20% on average) with no loss in quality.
  • Share: Sharing files is really easy. WinZip offers integrated support for platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Office 365, and LinkedIn.
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  • Manage and backup: You can manage and backup your files on your local computer or by storing them in the cloud (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive).
  • Self-extracting: You can produce archives everyone can use and decompress regardless if they also use WinZip. Indeed, self-extracting archives are executable archives with everything it needs to decompress by themselves.
  • Formats: WinZip supports a wide variety of file compression formats, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, CAB, TAR, GZIP, LHA, ZIPX, BZ2, 7z, ARJ, VHD, BZ, WinHex, CAB, IMG, ISO and Compress.
  • More: It offers various other specific features like combining PDFs, signing documents, easy switching between Zip and Zipx, shell extensions in the file pane, and more.

How to use WinZip?

WinZip is easy to use, and you can get valuable tutorials on the official website. Still, you can follow these steps to uncompress:

  1. Open WinZip and navigate to the folder using the WinZip Files pane, double-click on the compressed file.
  2. To only unzip some of the files, click on a file in the file pane and then check the box to unzip the files or unzip a folder by selecting the checkbox next to it.
  3. Click the down arrow on Unzip in the Actions pane.
  4. Then, choose the destination folder, and click on Unzip.

Is it free?

We provide you with a free demo of 21 days. Afterward, you will need to purchase one of the available licenses, such as WinZip Standard EditionWinZip Pro Edition, or WinZip Enterprise.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, WinZip is safe to use.

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