Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187) free for PC

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  • Developer Realtek
  • Version 5.1313.0613.2008
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Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187) is the driver you may need to install and take advantage of the Wireless features of your Realtek device on Windows XP.

Disclaimer: This wireless driver hasn't been updated for several years now and won't be updated as it is for Windows XP. If you are looking for a more recent driver, then you can try looking on the Realtek website.

What is Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187)?

Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187) card driver is the necessary component you need to make your wireless network card work properly on Windows XP. Indeed, the driver is responsible for converting high-level commands into meaningful requests for your hardware.

What are the key features of Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187)?

On Windows XP, it is important to be able to use your Realtek Wireless device effortlessly. Using this driver, you can browse the web without being connected through an Ethernet cable.

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Is Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187) free?

Yes, it is free to use.

Is Realtek Wireless drivers for XP (RTL8187) safe?

Yes, it is considered safe to use.

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