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Samsung PC Studio is a file manager for Samsung mobile phones.

What is Samsung PC Studio?

The program is no longer being updated/offered by the manufacturer, so this is the last version.

Samsung PC Studio is a Windows PC application developed by Samsung to allow users to easily manage Samsung mobile devices. Indeed, you can now manage your photos, music, and videos, but also all your personal information like your contacts, messages, and more.

What are the key features of Samsung PC Studio?

  • It provides various useful options for this task, such as text messaging, image cropping, and music conversion.
  • This software lets the user connect his Samsung mobile to the computer. Indeed, this connection can be performed using cable, infrared, or Bluetooth.
  • Samsung PC Studio allows the user to send messages to his contact from the computer. Thanks to that, it is possible to send oversize messages that are normally unsupported by mobile phones. This option is helpful when the user wants to import an image file to his cellular. The software will compress the file into a format compatible with his Samsung device. The user only has to import the music files to the interface. After that, by clicking on the Convert button, the software will change them to a compatible format for the Samsung device.
  • It allows the user to save the backup file of the cellular on the PC hard drive. This is helpful to protect all data and contact in case of loss or damage to the phone.
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How to use Samsung PC Studio?

Connect your Samsung phone device to your PC and launch Samsung PC Studio. You will get an overview of the different information you can manage, sync, and modify.

Is Samsung PC Studio free?

Yes, Samsung PC Studio is free to use.

Is Samsung PC Studio safe?

Samsung PC Studio is considered safe to use.

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