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  • Developer Astaros3d
  • Version 1.6.1ex
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

My Cute Roommate is the kind of adult game you will love. In this point-and-click tale, navigate college life with a childhood friend turned attractive roommate. Balancing daily life and the pursuit of romance, every click unravels a story of rediscovery and desire. Will you make the right moves?


The long-awaited day has arrived: our hero has thrown off his high school cap. It's time to enter adulthood, to go to university and, as boredom would have it, to room with his cousin, who was once the chubby, obnoxious bully of his youth and is now a distant memory in the hustle and bustle of the big city. It's the perfect opportunity for him to dive headfirst into university life's wild, vibrant world, fueled by ambition and a hint of mischief.

If you want more of it, take a look at the second title of the My Cute Roommate series.


  • The story - college life and old friends:
    Imagine moving to the big city for college and bunking with a childhood buddy who's... changed. It's a rollercoaster of stepping into adulthood, rekindling old friendships, and soaking in the chaos of student life.

  • Point-and-click: Dive into a world of graphic adventure where every click tells a part of the story. It's all about getting lost in the narrative, making choices, and seeing where the journey takes you.
© My Cute Roommate
  • Be romantic: Your mission, should you accept it, involves charming your way into your roommate's heart. It's about making those smooth moves and choosing your words wisely.
  • Eye candy alert: Thanks to a slick graphic engine, "My Cute Roommate" serves up characters with looks that could kill, all while keeping in step with the game's steamy vibe.

© My Cute Roommate


Thanks to its shared graphic engine, My Cute Roommate flaunts a visual style that's quite familiar to fans of adult games. Its world comes to life through a point-and-click interface, inviting you into a rich tapestry of static images that form the backbone of its visual storytelling. As you navigate this game, you're engaged in a dance of discovery, interacting with various objects and characters, each interaction a thread weaving deeper into the narrative fabric.

Duration and game modes

It features features a single-player mode. Regarding duration, it's likely to last several hours.

Age rating

My Cute Roommate is suitable for an adult audience.

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