Trivia Crack: download for PC / Mac / Android (APK)

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  • Developer Etermax
  • Version 3.219.0
  • License Freeware
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With the Trivia Crack game you can challenge your friends and family to an exciting quiz game. Trivia Crack has been one of the most played mobile games for years and today we still can't get enough of it.


  • Challenge Your Friends: In this game you have to answer questions from six different categories correctly. You will earn a crown for every successfully completed category. Challenge your opponents and make sure you are the first to collect all six crowns.
  • Trivia Crack Question Factory: Trivia Crack contains more than one hundred thousand questions of varying difficulty. If you want to make the quiz even more fun, there's the Factory section. This allows you to add your own questions and answer options.
  • Hours of Fun: This quiz app brings a lot of fun to every game night. If you can't get enough of Trivia Crack, you can download the game's successor Trivia Crack 2 for Android and iPhone.

What are the system requirements for Trivia Crack?

  • Android: Android 5.0 or higher and 137 MB disk space.
  • iOS: iOS 14.0 or later and 374 MB available storage space.

How to play Trivia Crack on your PC?

Are you looking for the Trivia Crack PC app? A native PC application for Trivia Crack doesn't really exist. The best way to enjoy a Trivia quiz game on your computer is by playing it on Facebook.