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  • Developer tinyBuild
  • Version Alpha 2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Hello Neighbor is a first-person survival horror stealth video game. This time, you will have to discreetly make your way into your Neighbor's house and figure out what is happening in the basement. You will have to solve puzzles, discover the lore, and face the quite scary Neighbor AI that will learn new ways to take you down as you play. The game has lots to offer and it is quite metaphorical but still very interesting to play, so give the free demo a try.


  • Find your Neighbor's secrets: You will have to find ways to enter your malicious Neighbor's house and figure out what's happening in its house basement. Make sure to stay stealthy, or your Neighbor will catch you and kick you out of the house.
  • Explore the places: You will be given a chance to inch your way through the three different acts that will finally lead you to your Neighbor's basement. As you progress in the game, the floors get more prominent, so it is easier to stay stealthy. But don't fool yourself: step by step, you will get closer and closer to your fears.
  • Fear the adaptive AI: The game features an adaptive AI that will learn throughout the game as you perform actions and move. For example, it will understand what you plan to do and put traps and cameras where you usually sneak and learn to take shortcuts if you plan to escape.
  • Solve puzzles: Throughout your frightening ordeals, many puzzles and riddles will be presented to you and shall be solved. However, please pay attention to details because some can be tricky to understand and solve.
  • Consult the community: You may find the game hard to understand from time to time, so don't hesitate to consult the community to solve some puzzles or understand what to do next. Moreover, there are lots of additional content and mods that fans have created.
  • See beyond the appearance: The game may sometimes be challenging, hard to understand, and cryptic. But if you try to understand what it offers, you will see it differently. You play the main protagonist, Nicky Roth, who grows up carrying the traumas of the time he spent in a basement. You will have to face your fears, understand them, and try to go forward during your journey. By the way, the game offers you several endings depending on your actions.

Graphics and sound

The video game has been developed using the powerful Unreal Engine and offers pretty nice-looking cartoonish graphics with cool atmospheres, lighting, smooth shadows, and pretty good animation and camera. The game also offers a diversified OST and audio feedback that really succeeds in creating a scary atmosphere.

Duration and game modes

Hello Neighbor offers a solo experience of about 8 hours if you focus on the main objectives, but can last over 12-15 hours if you want to discover everything it offers.

What do the reviews say?

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The opinions are divided, even though the game is rated Mostly Positive on Steam (from over 6000 players), it was only rated 38/100 on Metacritic.

"Rather than try and make a quick buck out of cheap thrills, Dynamic Pixels, and tinyBuild took the popular trope of hide-and-seek horror and twisted it into something new and creative. There is a great game buried here, as long as the development studio fixes the problems currently plaguing it... And if they can manage to really polish it, then the horror genre has much innovation to offer." (The Overpowered Noobs)

Age rating


Hello Neighbor has been rated PEGI 7 as it features mild violence that lacks any apparent harm or injury to human-like characters and pictures or sounds likely to be scary to young children.

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