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  • Developer Jorge Pardo Serrano
  • Version 2.1.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Free Chess for PC is a free and ads-free chess game that offers a minimalistic but original chessboard environment where you can face the AI or any local opponent. Designed to provide a simple but cool experience, you will be able to learn at your own pace and defeat all your opponents, one after another.


  • Let the chess battle start: In Free Chess, you will be able to fight against either the AI, a local opponent, or let the computer fight against itself. It provides a minimalistic but calm environment to learn how to play chess and outsmart and take down your opponents using the strategy you want.
  • Enjoy the view: You can freely switch from the 3D to the 2D view so that you can play the way you like and find clever moves depending on the situation. Moreover, it allows you to see everything happening on the board.
  • Learn fast: You will be able to consult and review the list of your moves throughout the game, export them for further examination, and the game provides a Hint button to recommend you the following action you can make. If you are a beginner, you can even use the option to undo your previous move. Last but not least, before battling with the AI, you can decide the level of difficulty you want so that you get the experience and learning curve you want.
  • Pause when you want: You can pause the game whenever you want and reload it later, thanks to the Save Your Game features. The next time you want to play, you need to click on Load, and you will continue your game where you left it off. Note that you can save only one game at a time, and any subsequent save will erase the previous one.
  • Ads-free: Because the game does not provide online multiplayer, it does not need to be financed and thus provides a total ads-free experience to let you enjoy chess and just chess.
© Jorge Pardo Serrano

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound of Free Chess are minimalistic and simple by design. The game has been developed to offer a non-distractive and original chess experience with beautiful raw chess pieces and board.

Game modes

Free Chess offers a single-player or local multiplayer experience where you can play against the computer, against a local opponent, or choose to set the computer to play against itself. However, you can tweak the difficulty level depending on how hard you want your head to boil.

What do the reviews say?

There is no official rating for Free Chess, but it seems lots of players give credits to this game and a mostly positive rating.

Age rating

Free Chess is a classic chess game, so it’s suitable for everyone.

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