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Does collecting all creatures in Pokémon GO sound like an impossible task to you? PGSharp can help you achieve this faster than you ever imagined. Continue reading to discover what PGSharp is and how it can help you become a true Pokémon GO master.

What is PGSharp?

PGSharp is a location spoofing tool that lets you bypass the GPS restrictions of Pokémon GO, allowing you to travel to the entire game map without getting up from your seat. The application allows you to fake any given location in the world

What are the key features of PGSharp?

  • Catch 'em all: In Pokémon GO, we could enjoy a totally interactive experience in which we had to hunt Pokémon while we explored different real-life locations. PGSharp allows us to access these places without being there physically.
  • Use a joystick: You can move in any direction as if you were walking around with your phone in your hand. This is true magic!
  • Choose your travel speed: You can also decide if you want to calmly or quickly reach a specific point in the Pokémon world. PGSharp lets you choose the speed at which you move around the map.
  • Save your last location: The last place you visited in the game will be remembered so that you can pick up your next game session from this exact same spot.
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How to use PGSharp?

You may have asked yourself, is PGSharp an app? Well, technically it is not. Rather than that, PGSharp is a mod of the regular Pokémon GO game. It overrides the standard configurations of the game and it adds a couple of previously unavailable features. The following tutorial shows you how to use the mod:

If you want to talk and hang out with other PGSharp users you can join the PGSharp Discord community.

Is it free?

Yes, you can download and install this mod completely free. For as little as $5 monthly you can acquire the Standard Edition. This allows you to activate the PGSharp on 2 devices simultaneously. When purchasing this version, you will be given a PGSharp license key. You can enter that PGSharp key into the mod in order to unlock your license.

Is it safe?

Yes, PGSharp is a reliable and safe tool. Since the servers of Pokémon GO can't detect you while using the mod, you don't have to worry about getting a PGSharp ban. As a matter of fact, using PGSharp will never get you banned from Pokémon GO.