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BakkesMod is a third-party mod that has been created to enhance the gaming experience of the immensely popular Rocket League game. BakkesMod adds useful training tools to Rocket League, as well as a large number of new game features.

What are the key features of BakkesMod?

  • Free training: Perhaps the most used feature of BakkesMod is the addition of the Freeplay mode In Freeplay, you can master different aspects of the game. The mode allows you to practice dribbling, redirects, backboard shots, bounce shots and much more. Practice makes perfect!
  • Automatically save replays: The developers of BakkesMod have received plenty of praise for the fact that the mod allows you to automatically save your replays, and even upload them to
  • Countless plugins: Besides the functionalities that are accessible in BakkesMod by default, you can enrich the mod by adding one of the many available BakkesMod plugins. Some of these plugins add new features and items to the game, whilst others only bring cosmetic changes.

How to install BakkesMod?

Before proceeding to install BakkesMod, it is important to know that this mod is only compatible with Epic Games' Windows version of Rocket League. The installation process of this mod requires no more than a few mouse clicks.

First you need to download the BakkesMod zip file, which you can do by clicking on the download button at the top of this page. Now, unzip the file and run the BakkesModSetup.exe file. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions and launch BakkesMod as soon as the installation is complete. Once BakkesMod is running, open Rocket League and press F2 to enter the mod menu.

Although Epic Games does not provide support for third-party mods, BakkesMod is a tolerated tool and users of the mod can not get banned from Epic Games' servers. Thus, BakkesMod is considered safe to use.

What are the system requirements for BakkesMod?

The only requirement is that you have a copy of Rocket League installed on your PC. Click here to see the hardware requirements for Rocket League.

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