Skyrim Together free for PC

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  • Developer Together team
  • Version 1.0.6
  • License Freeware
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Skyrim Together is a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod that allows players to engage into a multiplayer world. The mod is developed by the Together tream, with Pokanggg being the lead developer. The project originally started through a Patreon and has been a subject to controversy.


  • Enjoy with friends: Skyrim Together mod comes to compensate for the game’s biggest disadvantage: the absence of multiplayer. With this feature, players can now enjoy a cooperative multiplayer and rediscover the game.

  • Created by fans: Skyrim Together isn’t a Bethesda official mod: it was actually created by fans of the game. This means that the developing team had in mind the first-hand experience of all the fans of the game.

  • Open-source: For players concerned with the mod’s security, you should know that Skyrim Together is open-source. In other words, the source code is available for anyone to inspect and check for any suspicious coding.

  • Discord: Another good thing about Skyrim Together is that it has a dedicated space for its community on their official Discord server. This way, players can stay in touch with each other and find easy answers to their questions.

Is Skyrim Together safe?

It seems that the mod has no history of security issues. It is open-source so users are free to inspect the source code.

How to install Skyrim together?

How to play Skyrim Together? Just follow these steps:

The first thing to do is to install the Skyrim Script Extender: to do so, download it and drop all the files in your root Skyrim directory. Next, you need to download the Harbor (Skyrim Together) launcher from the download link on this page. Once this is done, you have to run the Harbor launcher and let it detect the game - you can search for the SkyrimSE.exe file manually by selecting the magnifying glass next to the Install button.

If you want to know how to add a friend on Skyrim Together, we recommend checking the Skyrim Together website.

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