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  • Developer LINE Corporation
  • Version 1.86.1
  • License Freeware
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Line Disney Tsum Tsum is a video game developed and published by Line which takes place in the Disney universe with all the different Tsum Tsum. In this Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game, you will have to connect Tsums and collect them. So, come and try the Disney Tsum Tsum online challenge.


  • Connect: Line Disney Tsum Tsum's objective is to connect as many Tsums as possible that are displayed on the screen in a given amount of time. You can connect Three or more of the same Tsum and make them pop to earn points. The longer the chain, the more points you earn. As you earn points, a “Fever Bar” will increase until you turn into the “Fever mode” for a limited amount of time and make more points per chain. At the end of each game, you will see how many points you made, as well as Coins and Experience points. In the game, hearts represent lives in other games, one heart is used each time you play. You can either wait 15 minutes to gain a new one automatically or receive them from friends, bingo, events or even trade rubies for them.

  • Tsums: Tsums are the Disney collectibles plush characters. Tsums come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and huge. Each one of them is a Disney character turned into a little cute plush. There are just tons of them, so let's discover them.

  • Collect all the amazing Tsums: There are over 400 different Tsums in two categories, Happiness and Premium Tsums. They both can be purchased using your coins. Happiness Tsums cost 10.000 coins, and Premium Tsums cost 30.000 coins. Premium Tsums are more numerous and have more strength skills.

  • Find your play style: Each Tsum has its own skills, you will start with the easy-to-play Mickey Mouse but feel free to try new Tsums that match your play style. You will have to choose a Tsum you want to play with called “MyTsum”, as you pop your Tsums during the game it will also fill up your skill meter bar. Once the bar is full you will be able to activate your “My Tsum” skill and unleash its power to clear areas, stop time, turn an entire row as your My Tsum, and lots of various skills. By playing with a Tsum you will earn experience points and make it level up.

  • Play with other players: If you are connected to LINE you will be able to compete against your friends and other players and try to earn more coins at the end of each week.

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Age rating

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is rated for everyone.