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  • Developer Zakeh Ltd
  • Version 1.4.115
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Care for your very own alien pet by feeding, cleaning, and playing with it. As it grows, you can level up, unlock various wallpapers, and choose outfits that suit your unique style. Customize your Pou to your liking.

What is Pou the game?

Pou is a Tamagotchis-like video game developed by Paul Salameh and published by Zakeh Ltd in 2012. The game is about taking care of your little Pou, playing with it, and customizing it and its universe.


  • Take care of Pou: You can take care of Pou by feeding it, cleaning it, playing with it, and also treating it when it is sick. Watch your Pou grow and level up and unlock new content to customize your whole Pou's universe.

  • Customize your Pou appearances: You can completely customize your Pou's appearance by modifying various parameters, including body color, outfits, neckwear, eyes color, eyelashes, eyeliners, eyes shadows, eyes glasses, masks, mustaches, beards, lipsticks, hair color, hair cuts, and many more. You can also customize your home and many other parts of the game. All the items can be bought at the shop using coins.

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  • Visit and play with your friends: You can play with your friends and make your Pous play together.

  • Talk to your Pou: You can talk to your Pou using your microphone and it will respond you!


Pou features simple 2D graphics, which is perfect for entertaining kids.

Game modes

Play games with your Pou: Play various games in the game room with your little alien pet and collect coins. Play at platformer, match-three puzzles, or just go outside to play football or beach volley.

Age rating

The game is rated 4+.

What game in Pou gives the most coins?

Based on the minigame, you can either collect coins directly or earn them by achieving specific objectives. For quicker earnings, opt for Hill Drive (on mud), Match Tap, and Cliff Jump, as they offer greater rewards in less time!

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