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How To Configure a Joystick on Your PC

In this article, you will learn how to configure a joystick (of any type) on a PC.

How To Configure Joystick on PC

  • To play PC games.
  • Used as a remote control for some multimedia applications (XBMC)
  • Replace the mouse.

Required softwares

You will need to download and install the appropriate software. There are many, such as:

In this article we shall demonstrate Xpadder.

  • Download and install the software.
  • Connect your Joystick and make sure that it is detected/recognized by your PC.
  • Run the software.
    • A window will then appear:

  • Click on the joystick icon in the upper left.
    • A new window will appear:

  • Go to the Image tab (step not required).
    • Click "Open" and choose the image of your controller if it is available (the folder containing the images is called "controllerimage").

  • Then go to the "Stick" tab (if your controller possesses analog sticks).
  • Check the "enabled" box for the stick 1 and 2 (depending on the type of controller used) and make the requested operations.

  • Go to the "DPad" tab (if your controller has a directional pad) and choose your settings.

  • Go to the "buttons" tab.
    • Configure your buttons layout. Each time you press a button a small square will be displayed, move the square in order to fit the current button layout of your Joystick.

  • Go to the "Trigger" tab (for joystick equipped with triggers) and set their layout.
  • Go to the "Finish" tab and click "close".

Now you will need to configure these buttons!

  • A window of this type appears:

  • To configure a button, click on it and a virtual keyboard appears (select the appropriate action)

  • The software also provide some pre-installed configuration.
  • Click and confirm "arrows mouse" to control the mouse with the joystick.
  • Save your settings and as soon as your controller is connected, the configuration is effective.

Note that:

  • To access the pre-installed configurations of the software, go to the "profiles" folder.
  • The software does not work if the PC does not recognize the controller.

Image: © Amikishiyev - 123rf.com


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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