How the Google Play Points Reward System Works

Google Play Points is a reward program where you can earn points for everything you do on Google Play Store: for every purchase and level reached. You can use them for in-app purchases, buying movies and books on Google, for example. In this article, we will explain to you what is Google Play Points and how does it work.

What is Google Play Points

Google Play Point is a program of Google that allows you to win prizes thanks to the points acquired with purchases on the Google Play Store. It offers several advantages. Thanks to earning points with purchases of Play Store download content (movies, books, subscriptions) and other in-app items you can:

  • Earn discounts for other in-app or download purchases or as Google Pay credit
  • Level up to win rewards and points.

How to Earn Google Play Points

Points are granted for every euro spent on Google Play content. While you will get 4 points for each special event and bonus points if you try the featured session games and apps.

How to Use Google Play Points

Each purchase, as already mentioned, allows you to level up. There are 4 levels in total:

  • Bronze: up to 150 points
  • Silver: from 150 to 599 points
  • Gold: from 600 points to 2,999
  • Platinum: from 3,000 points and above.

These different levels allow you to receive special prizes on a weekly basis. Once you reach a certain level you'll stay there for the whole year, before having the chance to move to the next level.

How to Register in Google Play Points Program

From Your Computer

  • Open your browser and go to [ Google Play].
  • Open the left menu and click on the Play Points icon.
  • Then click on the green Join for free button.

On Smartphones and Tablets

If you want to join the program from an Android device:

  • Go to the Play Store app on your device.
  • Tap on the menu (the three horizontal lines) icon.
  • Select Play Points.
  • Tap on the Join for free button.

Note: remember that you must agree to the terms of service and have a valid payment method in place.

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