Speed up my dell (even though I am using a Lenovo!)

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Hello, i am using Lenovo which has installed windows vista. I want to know how to check my speed on this type firstly, Then I want to format my laptop because it has slow down speed of my laptop as well as it generates a heat from bottom, all you know any advises for me to have free trial booter. so plz let me know the solution.
In addition, I have referred to the article here about speed checking,
[https:*****] and I want to know more tips cause it seems complicated.
Another one [https:/***** for Windows8, and mine is Windows 10.
So please help.

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Sep 15, 2017 at 12:45 PM
OK, speed chaecking of what: The CPU itself, or your ISP or what speed! There is nothing you can do for your speed, unless you wish to overclock, and in that case you risk blowing up your PC is you cannot cool it correctly!!!

Get into the desktop, and hit the windows key. On this menu select system. On the next splash screen there will be a window that looks like this:

You will notice, the PC that I am using has a clock speed of 2.13Ghz! that is your PC speed.

If you wish to measure the ISP, open a browser and go to speedtest.net!