CS GO speed command: show, console

CS GO speed command: show, console

To increase the maximum speed in a Counter-Strike: Source server, you can modify certain server settings. However, please note that some of these settings may vary depending on the server mod you are using. Here's a general guide on how to increase the maximum speed.

How to increase speed in Counter-Strike?

Access the server configuration files: Locate the folder where your Counter-Strike: Source server files are stored. Typically, the configuration files are found in the "cfg" folder.

Open the server.cfg file: Look for a file named "server.cfg" and open it with a text editor.

Find the speed-related settings: Look for the settings related to player speed. The two primary settings that affect player movement speed are "sv_maxspeed" and "sv_airaccelerate."

Adjust "sv_maxspeed" value: The "sv_maxspeed" setting determines the maximum speed a player can reach. By default, it is set to 320. You can increase this value to allow players to move faster. For example, you can set it to 500 or higher to increase the speed.

sv_maxspeed 500

Adjust "sv_airaccelerate" value: The "sv_airaccelerate" setting determines how fast a player can change direction while in mid-air. Increasing this value will make players more agile and responsive in the air. The default value is 10. You can experiment with higher values such as 15 or 20 to increase maneuverability.

sv_airaccelerate 15

Save the changes: After adjusting the values, save the server.cfg file.

Restart the server: Restart your Counter-Strike: Source server for the changes to take effect.

These settings should help increase the maximum speed in your Counter-Strike: Source server. However, keep in mind that modifying these settings may impact the overall balance and gameplay experience, so it's essential to test and adjust them accordingly to ensure they fit your server's needs.

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