Youtube wont work plz help

 Mani -
HELP youtube says "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. " i download it but it does NOT do anything

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Before you install anything on your machine, just make sure that if you have already that software installed on your machine. If this is the case, then first uninstall that software with all of its components through your control panel.
Then install the new one using internet explorer with temporarily allowed pop ups.
Thank you

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i had the same problem and it worked too thx dude!!
This happens to me sometimes.

First delete old Adobe Flash player using the exe file from the Adobe Website

Re-install the Flash Player

Hope it helps
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! THIS WORKED : ) thanks for taking the time to answer the question !
OMFG.. THANKS SO MUCH ! i had the same problem over here too lmao. THX!
omfg.. it works with the install thing... but i can't watch youtube... it still says that.

it didnt work for me :( i did exactly what you said but it still says the same thing! i'm devastated i love youtube :(
thats the same problem im having! i just cant figure it out! HELP!