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Im in the process of redesigning a roster that involves employees from a number of different contractors.

I have all employees on a seperate page seperated into columns based on the contractor.

A1 - Business 1
A2 - Employee 1
A3 - Employee 2

B1 - Business 2
B2 - Employee 1
B3 - Employee 3

and so on.

On the roster sheet i would like the cell where names are inserted to automatically change color depending on what business they are from



B2 Employee1 (Turn Green)


B1 Employee 5 (Turn Orange)

my Issue is that i cant make the conditional formatting reference to an entire column on the other page (B1 through to B17 for example) without getting errors.

How would i go about this?

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OK so build the CONDITIONAL FORMULA to look for those business.

Take a look here:

The formula will say something like:
=if(cell_to_check="Business 1") {and format it with green}
=if(cell_to_check="Business 2") {and format it with red}

You can have multiple formulas for whole ranges if you wish.

Let us know if you get stuck!

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