Can't loggin becasue Facebook keeps requiring a code via mobile

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Tuesday October 31, 2017
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October 31, 2017
 AtifAli ali -

This morning when trying to log in to facebook it told me that they needed to verify my identity due to some suspicious activity. So they sent a code to my mobile. However a week ago I switched providers. I did not receive the text. A few minutes later I received an email saying that my phone number was deactivated on facebook for texts because my previous provider no longer recognized the number. Problem is now that I try to log in to facebook it always says I have to give them the code they are sending to my phone, but I am not getting any text. I haven't changed my phone number, just providers.

I am able to recover account and change password using facebook tools but again once I have changed the password I get to the same screen where they require the code and they say it's been sent to my mobile

So I am stuck. Help !!!!!

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