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SoulMelody - May 31, 2009 at 03:22 PM
 AnthonyDam - Jun 3, 2009 at 02:48 PM
my name is Anthony.
there is this guy i'm sharing rooms with and his laptop has a software called System Security;
just today it acted up and said there is 38 Viruses. i told him it was not a trustworthy anti-virus.
he didn't listen. now it forced the laptop to a halt.
it would not let me open any type of web browser, nor program.
i had the software "Malwarebytes" on the laptop i few days ahead'a time. BUT i chose not to keep it in the computer because of his selfish decisions.
i would like to ask for advice on ways of shutting the software down to be able to REinstall Malwarebytes
so i could fix it all up again.

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Hi, this System Security (that is also known as Sys Security 2009) is a scam. it is a Rogue Spyware (double agent spyware). This program is a virus/spyware itself and appears to be a security program just to trap users and ask them to buy it (to remove viruses). but once you buy it, they wont rmove viruses, they just collect payment from you and do nothing for you. anyways, nough about system security. now you should remove system security from your pc. it can be removed manually and auto removal tools also available to remove it (quite free). here ya go and follow the instructions to get rid of it

Good luck
anyother virus you have in your pc, than make a new post at this Kioskea.Net site and mention the name of virus to get removal help for that virus. ;) Enjoy
Thank you SO much for your help and time. a greatly appreciate it.
i'm willing to use this forum once again if another issue occurs.
thank you again.

Hey, it's me Anthony again.

the owner of the laptop asked me for a step-by-step instructional manual.
so is there another website or explanation to make things easier?
i might be able to work around it and actually fix it up with the information on the website
you recently gave to me.
but as of now, i have no way of doing so, since the laptop isn't here.
the day after the laptop was acting up; we brought it to the shop so then they would do it for us.
which cost $80.
and we have not had a single chance to try it ourselves.
even so, we'd appreciate your help even more if there is to be another "easier"
step-by-step process.