Disable account facebook

 coco riko -
Hello, i hope my fb can active again...!!
please help me

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I deactivated my face book account and want to active my account again. What do I do?
Thank you

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pleases sir help me to able my facebook again

please help want my face book back rang up facebook but got no help of them not rite that it's been takeing ogme

first i see the warnning message! then i stop adding! but the second day i have blocked

i know its from too much adding but u can see i am stop adding! so please i wanna somebody help me

to get back my facebook.. and i dont know u have a limit for adding! when i see the warnning message then i know..

so please i wanna my facebook and my account have been from one year over ago!

please i need a help

i wanna my facebook get back..

please ser!

my account name is: Faisal Jaber Al-Shatti

my email: maths.68@hotmaill.com

my mobile number: +0096597982232
hello faisal

didi u fix ur problem???

did ur account back??

because i have the same problem and i dont know what to do

answer please

Hello Good Morning....i hope my fb can active again.....please help me

I hope i can open again my account at Facebook again....please help me
how to restore disable facebook account