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how would the formula look if possible, the cell checks 3 different columns each in different tables on different sheets, if the value is=< todays date in the cell, then it checks same row different column for certain value if its the value specified then it checks other cell same row if its blank then it takes text from another cell same row. so = cell 4 if cell 1=today and cell 2=value and cell 3=empty. then it checks entire table each row is separated and it does this for 3 sheets. obviously then when the cell thats blank has data entered it will be removed.

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You can nest if statements, as in:

=IF(a1=1,if(b1=1,if(c1=1,"do what happens here because all three were true","C was false, but A and B were true"),"B was false, but A was true"),"A was false so we didn't check any other IF logic")

Give that a try!

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