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 DaveJ -

I am having mad issues with loading my Cubase software effectively, seemingly because my drivers are out of date. I use Realtek for audio. Cubase keeps advising me on ASIO which I have no idea about. However in the setup for input it keeps showing 1 channel rather than 2.
Everytime I try to find update drivers I keep getting software that are free to check but don't do shit unless you pay some fee. When did finding drivers become so difficult?
Anyway can someone help me urgently with this as I have so much work to do but cannot get the software up and running.

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June 12, 2009
try this link to get help to uodate your drivers quickly and easily: 1243 quick and easy driver update

I tried this before but this does not update anything as I expect it to online. Other than than I keep getting sites that offer free driver updates....yeah........scan ....and then I have to pay to the software to search for the new drivers.

What happend to good old and all these sites that you simply could locate up to date drivers? Mind you the scan tells me that my audio drivers are out of date. Even the relatek site is advertising a free update but again you have to pay to get the actual update.