Need help for extending my space in drive.

hmm, sorry about my bad english.
my computer local disk currently have about 100mb left.
partition yeh.
i wants to add more space inside my local disk.
i read some of the post, about using unallocated disk to extend it
but my disk management shows that i have 94.67 gb which says logical drive.
is there any way i can change my logical drive to unallocated disk?
so that i can extend my local disk.
i need the steps and everything.

thanks a lot (:

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normally the unused partition space is only 8MB.
so it is not too much and not advisable to use it.
you can use an external hard disk to back up your data, thus, freeing space in your dive C:
but i have 4 drive hmmm.
local disk c.
locak disk f
logical drive
and one more don't know what.
my logical drive i haven't use yet.
there write new volume
i guess it can be extended to the disk c? hmm
i need to expend my c drive.
because unused space 100 Mb..........