Copying data from an Excel 2010 table to a String or Word File

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Can anyone help me please with the following problem: Search in Col A of an Excel Worksheet table for expression 'Employee' (exact cell location in Col A may vary from one Worksheet to another). Having found the expression, jump to the adjoining cell to the right in Col B which always contains the employee's name. This name is to be copied indirectly to a String, say, (or copy it directly if possible) and inserted into a receipt (the latter is in Word table format, already open in the active Excel VBA, so I want to put the name into the appropriate cell on there. I have the same problem with the 'Email Address' Col A expression and its respective value in Col B.
This ought to be easier than it looks to me but my Excel VBA knowledge is just not good enough! I have spent hours trying lots of Internet suggestions but I cannot solve it. Many thanks in advance!

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OK, this is a very complex request. We are volunteers. We do not design or write TURN KEY OFFICE solutions to make your job easier. If you are stuck and need help, we can do.

Do you have any code written? Do you want EXCEL to hook INTO WORD, or WORD hook into EXCEL? Do you see the issue with us doing your work? We will write code all night looooooooong and publish something, only to have you remember a little detail about the scope of the project, and all of our work will be for nothing!!!!

Take a look here, and see if it gets you started:

Have FUN!