Promblem while playing gta san andreas

 Andys -
Hello,when i launch gta it shows analog out of range can someone help me

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You will need to install your graphic card driver if the problem persists, that means your graphic card doesn't support GTA San Andreas!

GTA San Andreas Requirements:

1GHz Pentuim III or AMD Athlon
8x Speed DVD Drive
3.6 GB Hard Disk Space
64MB Video Card
DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers
Keyboard, mouse
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I Have the same problem, I miss clicked and changed the resolution from 1024x860 to 720x640 and a message showed on the screen "Out of Range" which is normal, the screen was too big to analyse that resolution, but I have already unistalled it and reinstalled it but i still have the same problem showing "Out of Range" How can I change the resolution back to 1024x860 with the arrows, i dont remember where the options-> display option -> resolution is, Can someone help me and tell me the combination to move up down arrows and change it back to 1024x860? I will appreciate it. Thank you.