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  • Version 1.06
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GTA San Andreas will remain one of the greatest games of its time. Torn between your desire and corrupted cops' pressure, you will have to manage to get yourself out of the position you're in. Welcome to San Andreas, a city where gangs, weapons, and money rule everything.


Carl Johnson, also known as CJ, is the main character in San Andreas. He travels back to Los Santos to attend his mother's funeral, who was killed in a shooting. As soon as he arrives in the city, CJ is surprised by the local police, as they blackmail him by saying that if he doesn't cooperate, he will be accused of being involved in his mother's death. The police agents force CJ to carry out a broad range of illegal practices while he tries to unravel the real reason behind the assassination of his mom.


  • Drive and shoot: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a wild ride full of typical Grand Theft Auto gameplay. Immerse yourself in an open-world adventure with an endless amount of characters to meet, vehicles to drive, and weapons to shoot. Driving around in this game gives an absolute feeling of freedom.
  • Discover: Despite being a fictional place, San Andreas clearly finds its inspiration in the states of California and Nevada. The three cities in this game are very reminiscent of San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
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  • Wanted level: The wanted level determines how hard the cops will try to track you down. The more you break the law (stealing cars, shooting or attacking people, damaging property, entering restricted areas, etc.), the higher the wanted level will be.
  • Stats: Your character has different stats you can get higher or lower throughout your journey by achieving missions, making specific actions, or using weapons, including health, weight, stamina, sex appeal, weapon skill, etc. 
  • Encounter the gangs: Throughout the game, you will run into different gangs that will do everything to take control of Los Santos. Each gang dominates a different area of the city, and you will have to set foot in their territories during your missions.
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  • Mission system: Although there is no specific order to play them, you will have to complete the missions to unlock other parts of the map and some aspects of the game.
  • Customization: This is the first GTA game to feature the possibility of modifying the main character's appearance. You can choose your favorite hairstyle, clothes, accessories, and even tattoos.

Graphics and sound

GTA: San Andreas is part of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy collection. Thus, you will get a remastered, high-definition version of the game. The enhancements include new lighting techniques, higher-resolution textures, increased draw distance, improved sound effects, and more.

Duration and game modes

Even though third-party mods have been developed over the years, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas does not have an official online multiplayer mode. Instead, it is a solo adventure in which you can participate in main and secondary missions. It should take you approximately 47 hours to beat the game.

What do the reviews say?

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GTA: San Andreas has Metacritic score of 93 out of 100.

"It's like 5 games in one: part RPG, part adventure, part action, part racer, and part sim. And it does it just as well as the best games in any of those genres...One of the best games ever released on any system". (Cheat Code Central)

Age rating


The game has been rated with a PEGI 18 label. It contains graphic violence, gambling, and the use of strong language.

Where can I download San Andreas free for PC?

We provide you with the Rockstar Games Launcher from which you can download and buy GTA San Andreas as part of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for $59.99. It used to be available separately, it was available separately, but Rockstar created a dedicated bundle comprising Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Cheats to play GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is a sandbox game where you can do pretty much everything you want, including using cheats to unblock a sensitive situation or to have fun once in a while. Google is your best friend if you are looking for how to get any weapon or find the fastest car to escape from the police. Hundreds of codes are available to ease your life and spice up your experience.

Also, cheat codes can allow you to unlock elements and tweak settings to totally transform your journey, such as altering the weather conditions, resetting your wanted level, getting infinite ammo, creating any vehicle out of nowhere, becoming invincible, modifying your physical aspect to become who you want to be, and lots more.

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