How to auto-aim in GTA San Andreas PC

How to auto-aim in GTA San Andreas PC

In the original version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there is no built-in auto-aim feature. The game is designed to offer a more manual shooting experience, where players have to manually aim at their targets. However, there are mods or cheat codes available for certain versions of the game that can enable auto-aim or assist with targeting.

How to enable auto-aim in GTA San Andreas?

Locking onto targets in GTA San Andreas is not enabled by default in the PC version, instead you need to go to the menu to select this option. These are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go into the configuration Options > Setup Controls > Configuring your Keyboard + Mouse.
  • If you still want to enable auto-aiming with the right-click, change the configuration and set it to JOYPAD.
  • You can now auto-aim with the right click, although this will temporarily disable the move camera options.

Note: It is also possible to download a mod that will enable this feature without requiring you to be in Joypad mode. 

If you're playing a modded version of GTA San Andreas, you can search for mods or cheat codes specific to that version to enable auto-aim. Keep in mind that using mods or cheats may impact the stability of the game or result in unintended consequences.

If you're playing the original version of the game without any modifications, the gameplay mechanics rely on manual aiming. You can improve your shooting skills through practice and by adjusting the sensitivity settings in the game to suit your preferences.


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