Play my music from my Android tablet to GTA San Andreas [Closed]

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My name is Greg. How can I play my music from my Android tablet to GTA San Andreas?

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

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1) Open and tap on `Playlists' tab.
2) Next create a new playlist titled `GTASA`. The name has to be exact same otherwise the game won't recognize it.
3) Choose the songs from your music library that you want to listen to in the game.
4) After you have created the playlist simply launch the game, make your character sit in any vehicle and select `MIXTAPE' radio.
There is no mix tape radio. I used the generic music player on my Samsung do I have to use Google play music or?
> Fizzyleon685
That's true. There isn't mixtape radio. I created a playlist named GTASA, I added songs to this playlist, I launched the game, I made the character sit in vehicle, I searched for MIXTAPE radio and there isn't.