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I receive sales report each month and I filter and subtotal these to show the total units purchased by each store over the month. I want to create a seperate spreadsheet that shows the running total of units purchased by each store month by month.

I want to write a Macro that searches the sales data by store name, identifies the subtotal cell (or subtotals the units as part of the macro) and then enters this amount into a new workbook.

I've been searching the internet and have found a couple of Macros that copy and paste data but I've not found any that can search or data in one column but copy the data from another column in the same row and paste to a new workbook. Can anyone help please?

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I believe this article (https://ccm.net/faq/54862-how-to-copy-data-from-one-excel-sheet-to-another-using-a-formula is right up your alley, IsraelCCM really knows his stuff!

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