Automatic Payroll Computation

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Hi everyone.
Im just new to my job and one of the task assigned to me is to compute payroll for our employees. im not that knowledgable with excel, may ask some help or atleast some guide of the format used for automatic computation?

Thanks in advance.

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Mar 14, 2018 at 04:31 AM

It would take hours to give you an introductory course on the matter, which out of our mission. This is a forum.

I suggest that you ask your employer for a manual or best to get you some training on excel.

Good luck
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Mar 14, 2018 at 12:14 PM
gracia27, Good morning.

Having a new job is always challenging but exciting as well.
Good luck in your new job.

Whoever asked you to develop a complete payroll in Excel might have no idea of the size and complexity involved in developing this task.

The payroll can be done with several different modules.
This will depend on the complexity of the controls in your company.

Meet with the requestor for this task and get as much information as possible for planning this task.

This will be crucial for you to know management's expectations about what should be automated.

If there is already an application in your company that uses information about your employees, make sure you can use information from these applications together to source your payroll data.
It is very important not to duplicate information so as not to lose control in the middle of the way.

Check what is the most important part for your boss to start the requested job.

An initial part should be how to get the updated list of company employees.

What are the operating rules of working hours, days off, holidays, vacations, etc.
This could be an initial module.

Planning is always very important.

Avoid serious problems in the middle of the road.

Going off doing things hastily is always an announcement of future problems.

Everywhere people, bosses usually, want the tasks done very quickly.
This is universal.

Let your boss participate in all the initial tasks of this planning with you.
This will give him more confidence about how the job will be done.

Establish a timeline for the delivery of each piece of work.
Make a realistic schedule.
It's no use making a timeline to please someone's expectation and it fails at all points of control.

As for the initial payroll format in Excel, you can find several free templates on the web.
The time sheet is a good start.

And remember the most important:
After you start your project, count on the help of all of us here at the Forum.

Show us what you've done and point where the points of doubt are.
I'm sure there will be several colleagues to help.

Well .... get down to work for the planning.

I hope I have helped you in this beginning of work.
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