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I would appreciate any help for my case. So in sheet 1 called WIP, consist of item descriptions (C1) and quantity to be build (D1). The item description would be item name such as STD B, SGC B etc. On sheet 2 called SCH, consist of several tables in which each tables represent machine 1, machine 2 and so on. Machine 1 only able to build specific type such as STD B. Various types of STD B are on sheet 1. So would like to make the data on sheet 1 auto-populate the tables on sheet 2 based on item desc followed by the quantity. Reminder that data on sheet 1 always changing everyday. I was only able to pull the data based on it cell number, however what I need is the cell text value since all data in sheet 1 is always changing everyday. I tried Vlookup, indirect and even adding button using vb but couldn’t get the outcome that I want. Please help for any menthod or possible formula for this matter. Thanks in advance.

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take a look at this article, and let us knw if you get stuck:

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