Payroll Mate Payroll Software free for PC

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Payroll Mate Payroll Software is an accounting software you can use for your own use or for your company, as it allows you to manage your finance and pay your taxes online. The application can support different pay periods, such as weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

What are the key features of Payroll Mate?

  • You can prepare payrolls and print checks.
  • Calculate and pay your taxes.
  • Possibility to pay medicare and social security payroll taxes.
  • Export data to accounting systems (including QuickBooks / Sage 50) or export payroll reports to Microsoft Excel, CSV, and Adobe PDF.
  • Multiple pay frequencies (monthly, weekly, etc.).
  • Supports payroll fringe benefits.
  • Optimizes your finance by displaying the existing employees in the company.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version, the full license pricing starts from $139 for up to 75 employees.

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