I have lost most of my emails

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I only would be able to see my last 13 - messages ( e - mails ) at any given time and then they keep disappearing as
new messages keep coming in one by one and even I could open the ones I could see,
however I would not be able to reply nor fwd nor delete them......???
How could i solve this problem.....??
( my FB works OK!! )
Thank you!!

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Mar 23, 2018 at 10:50 AM
Are you using a web service, or a client like Outlook?

If you were to gain access to the web service on a desktop, would you be offered more mail than on your mobile? If so, then the mobile setting need to be modified to better fit your needs and wants.

Let us know, as you have given us no details to work with, and we are guessing at this point!