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please help every other game works online except cod 4, i sign in my friends list is visible and working but when i go to play ( bring up which game i would like to play find game ) it sits on a downloading game settings screen and if i select private match it freezes, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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try and find the settings of your router/modem and turn off the uPnP from the settings and it will work, i think the uPnP organises and restricts certain ports for gaming
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sign out n sign in when "Downloading Game Settings..."
Just like the answer-posts from Aug 2009 wrote down about the UPnP - turn it off on your router admin and the PS3 connects like a champ to your friends' invites. I had the same problem for three months (after installing new G router with higher security and encyption; WEP sucks) and tried many "fixes" found online. None worked until this one.

Just go to your router's admin settings and turn off the UPnP and refresh your PS3's internet connection settings. I called my friend to get onto COD4 and CODWaW, and we connected to each others invites with no problems.
mine does the same thing have you figured anything out about that problem
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I will advise you using another COD dvd to play!
get a new COD disc is really ur best answer??? I was hoping for a website w useful information...