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Hello. Facebook had my account disabled even though I didn't do anything to violate Facebook's community standards. I keep submitting a repeal to get my account reactivated but I haven't heard from them yet. I submit an appeal everyday since my account was disabled. How long would I have to wait for them to restore my account? Also, the email that I use to log in to my account, I no longer have access to it but in the repeal I submitted to facebook I did give them my personal email that I use everyday & I also gave them my moble number which I use to log in to my account as well. Would Facebook contact me through the email I gave them when I submitted my appeal to them? Please help me. Thank you
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Thank you

Submitting an appeal everyday is useless, it will not make Facebook work any faster, as a matter of a fact Facebook will consider it as harassment.

Facebook's system probably blocked your account because your email address is not longer functional.

Facebook's system is sending messages to your old email address and Facebook will not change it even if you gave your new email or mobile number in your appeal.

Replies to appeals may take several weeks but Facebook sometimes does not reply.

You should have kept your account up-to-date.

Sorry but it seems that your goose is cooked.