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I hope someone can help me, me and my boyfriend are trying to fix my problem on my pc desktop, its connected in my router (DSL) and its directly routed on my pc and then suddenly I can't use the internet because its not receiving any ping on DSL but the thing is we can still use wifi connection but can't use it on desktop. We tried everything like /flushdsl, /winsock etc. And we tried to replace the driver but still we can't think of any solution to bring back the connection to my pc desktop

Please if anyone have the same issue like this and you solved it please advice us what can we do to fix this problem.

Thank you so much

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OK, so you are saying the dekstop isn't working with an ETHERNET cord in the machine? Does the network interface have light on next to it (yellow or green)? If not, then no physical connection. If it does, open a CMD window and type:
Ipconfig /all

Post back with findings! Please include all wording in that window.

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