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One day, out of the blue, my router's WAN connection went down. I went through troubleshooting and turned it off and back on, yada yada yada. I followed the ethernet (or whatever its called) cable back the the phone jack on the wall where it plugs in and unplugged it. When I did that, I noticed a clear, sticky, almost booger like substance and I thought it might be some type of glue. However, this substance had found it's way into the connection and something told me that it doesnt belong there. Idk if something leaked through the wall or what it is but, I just would like to see if this has happened to anyone else. I've been with my internet provider for over a year and have had no trouble until this. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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No, there should be nothing in your telephone line socket. The connection between cable and port are metallic. Sounds like maybe wallpaper paste or something leaked in? maybe the capacitors within that socket have leaked? Is your internet working now?

Does your wall socket have 2 screws you could undo to check the electrics behind it?
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Take the hit, and call your ISP to fix the outlet. Sir Keiferschild is correct, physical barrier between cable and pins (The connection between cable and port are metallic.)

Try to change the jack out for yourself, because, if you attempt it and you fix it, then you have fixed it. If you attempt, and don't fix it, it was already broken and take the hit and pay your ISP. You could always call your isp, and add in INTERNAL WIRING INSURANCE to your bill. It will be like $8 to your monthly bill. Then next day, call in a claim to have your inside wiring fixed. You pay nothing, but $8 insurance. Do not cancel it the next day. Wait until you pay your next month bill, then cancel it. At least give the $8 to them!