Deleted Gmail Acct Recovery to Access Yahoo Acct

Anonymous User - May 22, 2018 at 12:07 AM
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Hello ~

I hope there is a possible fix someone might know of for the following predicament, which is really in 2 parts, (sorry for the lengthy request):

I need to re-open/recover a deleted/closed Gmail account. I processed this closure/deletion on January 24, 2018 - which, as I understand, is within the 9 month window of being able to recover/restore a Gmail account from Google before it is fully gone.

I have attempted every means (from various guides and other Google/Gmail account retrieval sites) of doing so:

> I used the correct login and name information, to only be forced into circles of useless notifications that the account is "not recognized".
> I have attempted to create a new/duplicate account (with the same credentials) of which results in receiving the same (and confusing) notification that the "username" is "already in use”.
— (Q): Would not the account still be retrievable if Google is notifying me that my username is ‘in use’ and therefore has not been fully eliminated?
> I also do not have a phone number linked with this Gmail account.
> As prompted, I have tried to enter each and any associated email address for Google to recognize my identity - two of which are legit, active Gmail accounts and, in fact, the other two Gmail accounts had been deleted/closed on the same date as the one I am trying to re-open, January 24, 2018. I receive the same rejections to my entries…

On a side note, if anyone has any suggestions for the following, (regarding a Yahoo account aspect to this issue):

The only reason I need this one Gmail account reopened/restored is for the sole purpose of accessing my single Yahoo account of which is active, and I previously had to access to; however I have been recently locked out and when attempting to log in, continuously receive this verification process (by Yahoo) of sending a code to the associated email to gain access, (the Gmail account I closed), as my password was changed and Yahoo would not accept the new one.

Personally, I would prefer finding a way to access my Yahoo account by means of some other verification steps and avoid dealing with the deleted Gmail account altogether; however, Yahoo has boxed me into this nightmare of only verifying my account by a sent code to the associated Gmail account I closed…so, I have no other way to log in.

I fully understand I should have checked my Yahoo settings prior to removing the Gmail account associated with it as a security precaution, yet, I mistakenly missed that step before the deletion with Google. Obviously a mistake of epic proportions…

If I can just access my Yahoo account and retrieve the data from it - I had planned to promptly close all these Y/G accounts permanently/indefinitely and move on as I am trying to back up my important emails from Yahoo account and close my remaining Gmails as I am in the process of discontinuing use of both Yahoo and Google mediums.

I am highly frustrated and at a loss at this point. If anyone has a method to assist, I would be quite grateful, thank you.

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Anonymous User
May 22, 2018 at 03:24 PM
Thank you for responding Ambucias.

Fair enough on the 7-8 window for deleted Gmail accounts, no worries. However, as far as finding entry to my Yahoo account, I don't think the bird is fully fried as of yet. I understand the typical basis of the concluding account key blockade, but I’m interested to pursue further.

I’ve maxed out the 24 hour attempt(s) to log in, and it very well may be locked for other security reasons. I know the account is not demised, so later I'll utilize my Yahoo sports fantasy app on my phone, as there are options to log in via other types of Yahoo mobile apps that are not directly for the email account. I’ll have a read into the joined entity of Yahoo+AOL= "Oath" by Verizon privacy info sites too... should be a hoot to see the changes since the 2017 merger.

For others who may be in a better position to recover than I, Yahoo has a page worth looking at for fix issues with the account key: and a very thorough fix page on this site:

I’ll also take a crack at contacting a Y/O/V-Rep which will prolly be pointless, but at least I’ll have tried everything possible. The account will be destroyed anyway if it is dormant for 4 months or whatever. It is what it is.
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May 22, 2018 at 04:07 PM

I know, I wrote and published the above.

Good luck