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My facebook was disabled about 1 days ago. why late to give me it? Very important sir Please give my facebook soon. My facebook is disabled now. i want to enable it soon. because this is very important to me. this is admin of 3 pages. there is about 810 friends. created in november of 2008. phone number is ***** and login code activated. email is " ***@***". in profile picture i am with red and white color dress on top. i will attach this my national identity card and passport photos. this account is very important to me and now disabled for about 1 days. so please enable it soon. please help me. this is my facebook URL (*****) i'm Facebook user since 2008. my personal account was falsely reported for pretending to be someone else, and Facebook disabled my account until she could confirm my identity. i'm immediately followed all instructions and sent in a JPEG scan of my Government-issued identify and password which clearly proves my identity and that the report was false. However, me received a response back from Facebook stating, "It looks like the report you submitted belongs in a different channel. Please log into your Facebook account and follow the on-screen instructions to report this issue." Obviously, my cannot log in to report the issue, as my account is disabled. my tried repeatedly to confirm my identity and to submit appeals to Facebook to reinstate my account. my tried sending in JPEG scans of different IDs that also meet the requirements and prove my identity, but always receives the same response from Facebook. me never been reported for going against Facebook community standards before.He falsely reported her account as another form of his harassment. Are there ANY other avenues we could try to get my account reinstated? We really don't want to lose the eight years of memories, photos, and videos she's posted on Facebook.
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Facebook disables accounts when users don't follow the Facebook’s Terms of Use and Community Standards.

Some examples include:
• Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms of Use
• Using a fake name or not using your full real name.
• Creating two personal accounts.
• Impersonating someone
• Continuing behaviour that's not allowed on Facebook by violating the Community Standards

Read Facebook terms and Community Standards fully and carefully.

If you think that your account was disabled by mistake, you can appeal Facebook's decision, in your appeal, you must prove that Facebook made a mistake. Saying that you are sorry, that you did not know about the rules that you will not do it again will get your appeal rejected.