Can't format any drives unless I am in Safe Mode?

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Wednesday June 20, 2018
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June 20, 2018
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I have tried turning off all start up programs under MSCONFIG and still doesn't work. wondering if it has something to do with a Windows Update or some other software I installed. I have reinstalled windows 3 times now and every time I have everything installed that I want I have the same problem. Disk Management doesn't work Only Safe Mode???

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I don't understand, what are your formatting? IF you have reinstalled windows three times, what to format? If this is from an older install, why don't you try to apply all of the updates, and see if your indication persists? NOt certain what you are trying to format from within windows? How many disk drives do you have? You do understand, windows will not allow you to format the OS drive from within the OS?

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