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I have a club workbook with 150 member Worksheets that need to be populated from the members list.

First Member is starting with A2
Second A3 etc...

The columns of the list are titled in Row 1
(A) Entity (B) Last Name (C) First Name (D) Number (E) D.o.B

Each Worksheet is titled "Entity 1" through to "Entity 150"
The corresponding Cells on all Worksheets are
Last Name (B3) First Name (D3) Number (B4) D.o.B (B5)

There is no Cell for Entity # as this is the reference for Sheet ID

The sheet will be updated with new members during the year so an "Update" button might/will be needed on the "Members List" Worksheet

This workbook is Locked and submitted as a Report at the end of each year and a new one started from 1 Jan, I am trying to make it as a template for subsequent Committee Members to make the data entry and general job a lot less time consuming and complicated.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you
Save the file as something else, and delete all of the data!

YOu really need a database, and pull reports as needed. If you need assistance designing or need help with the concepts, let us know. If you are going to learn VBA, you would learn how to build a DB just as fast!

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Apologies in advance for the longwinded reply.
My skill level in Excel is at best a little above novice, I can use the simple functions for lists and formats but when it comes to "language" type functions I get lost really quickly and Database stuff is no better.

I am using the report as an annual template ATM, this workbook is for a Report of Members Activities to the Regulating Body. They have several clubs report using this basic Workbook/Worksheet/Summary for their activity report. They go through the summary and each Individuals Worksheet to do an assessment then transpose the information into their database.

We use paper sign in sheets and input the required activity data manually.
The Club maintains a Membership Register which I get only specific Data from to populate the Report

For us to build a Database would be nice but the issues of privacy, security and recoverability would complicate things. As we are a volunteer group and the committee roles change, having an "all our eggs in one basket" Database would not be a practical option, given the general lack of skills within the club to set it up and maintain it over several years.

I've added some columns to the summary worksheet which gives the club more/better/usable Member Data than the report requires, this ended up with me using a cut and paste Macro from one of the "Help" pages I Googled, took two days of asking the same question (not this one) in about 20 different ways before I found a Macro that worked.

A couple of years ago I did try to build a Database with the help of a members wife using barcode Sign In and activity recording but in the end it got very complicated and would have meant longer Sign In times for everyone. Keeping it to paper sign in and then entry to spreadsheets seems the simplest option at this time, although these days APPs on cheap tablets may be something worth looking at soon.

Thanks for taking the time, hope this helps you understand why I need this Macro
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